Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Movie review of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - 6/10

There has been a lot of mixed reviews on Dawn of Justice. Some would love it, some hate it. And I don't blame them because movies directed by Zack Snyder have always been like that. He is very inconsistent with his movies. 300 was his best, that is without a doubt. His version of Dawn of the dead was fun (freaked me out when the zombies started running). I enjoyed Watchmen as well and in my opinion, he did a fantastic job on that. And then there was sucker punch which was absolute shit. Quite a number of people disliked Man of Steel, but I found it watchable. I'm not a fan of Superman but MOS was definitely better than Superman returns(Bryan Singer).
Dawn of Justice has to be Snyder's biggest project and he may or may not have fucked this up or he might just be M. Night Shymalan in disguise... It all depends on you.

First of all, I felt the movie was way too long. 2.5 hours is a tad too long for a superhero movie. And the movie doesn't seem to have a proper ending, it just went on and on.
Horrible editing. It was as though the editors watched a Michael Bay movies marathon before editing. Very abrupt cuts. There are some scenes you have no idea what the fuck is going on, it was so all of a sudden. It doesn't even give you a clue what that scene was about. Was it a flashback or a dream sequence(Superflies? really?) or what?
Script was downright awful. here's an example. Louis Lane says " I'm not a lady. I'm a journalist." Knn... then what the fuck are you?
I wanted to slap her for that.
Casting was annoying. Jeremy Irons as Alfred seemed bored or probably high in all of his scenes. Louis Lane was irritating. She had really annoying lines and does some really stupid shit. Lawrence Fishburne thought he was still in that Predators movie cause half the fuck time he is shouting and whispering like a lunatic. The only time Fishburne was fantastic was when he was Ike Turner. That's it. I've never liked Jesse Eisenberg's acting. Period. Almost all of his movies, he has that really annoying stuttering and mumbling way of saying his lines that bugsthe hell out of  me. But I will give credit to him for that last scene though. That was some really maniacal acting there. Good stuff. When they announced that Ben Affleck is the next Batman, I'm pretty sure he wasn't liked that much. But I thought he was fantastic as Batman/Bruce Wayne. His batman voice was way much better than Christian Bale's. A much lesser more audible death metal growl. Affleck's Batman doesn't seem to mind killing and is more brutal. Of course comics Batman doesn't kill but I really like this new brutal doesn't give a shit Batman. He has some very good fight scenes and one of them has the similarities of the Batman video game, Arkham Asylum. I do want to see more of Ben Affleck as Batman cause I'm curious to see how he is going to carry the role further. Superman(Henry Cavhill) on the other hand is a cheebye. Fella nicely has been killing people and then when asked, he gives a "no lah where got" reply. Hahahahahaha.
Gal Gadot's entrance as Wonder woman was pretty cool and I'm pretty sure she can handle it on her own. I was pleasantly surprised by Wonder woman especially during the climatic battle. Boy, is she strong....

There are a lot of problems with Dawn of Justice. The inconsistencies are very obvious and laughable at times. The good thing is the tone of the movie is dark unlike Avengers where everyone is joking with each other. Snyder might have copied some of the scenes from various movies and like I mentioned before, he is inconsistent but it is watchable...barely just barely. It has its awesome moments and tonnes of nonsensical "wtf"shit moments. Just watch it with low expectations.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Movie review of Deadpool

Deadpool - 8.5/10

I was really looking forward to watching this movie ever since I found out they finally had the chance to do so. Got to give the credits to the writers who worked very hard to get this movie a green light from Fox and to make it R rated. Well done guys.
I've been a fan of Deadpool comics and always hoped to see him on a big screen. When I found out he was appearing in Wolverine Origin movie, I was excited. Then I watched the movie and it was one of the worst shit comic movies, I've ever seen. I was sorely disappointed. The only good thing that came out from that horror dump was the casting of Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds was perfect. And then they did really horrible things to his character which I'm not gonna bother cause Wolverine Origin was really painful to watch and remember.
To me, Deadpool is the best Marvel movie and I thoroughly enjoyed it. And if you are not a fan of the comic, I'm pretty sure you will still enjoy the movie. Some of my friends who aren't comic book readers enjoyed it alot. I have to say the main reason for this is the script and the soundtrack. The script was really funny and nostalgic. There are some jokes that only those in their thirties will get. There are so many movie and music references in Deadpool and you are bound to laugh at all of them.
I also enjoyed the soundtrack and the songs chosen were fantastic and perfect at their required scenes. They were so good that I was bopping my head to the music.
Tim Miller did a good job as the director. Not bad for a guy who's doing this for the first time for a major movie. I hope he gets to direct the sequel as well.

Deadpool is definitely my favourite movie of the month. I would love to watch it again on the big screen and I will definitely get this on Blu ray.

I highly recommend all of you to catch it with your loved ones. Just don't be an idiot and watch it with kids. And wait for the end credits. Definitely my favourite Marvel end credit scene.

Maximum Effort!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Movie review of Sisters

Sisters - 4.5/10

Sisters is a typical American slapstick comedy, The type you just leave your brains behind and just watch for the fun of it. Nothing fantastic except for a few funny scenes, and its pretty forgettable. Sisters is the kind of movie you just switch on something while you have your lunch or dinner which is what I exactly did.

The casting is pretty decent. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler who have done a few movies together and Saturday Night Live for awhile now have really good chemistry with each other. Them as sisters is pretty believable.

Like I said its a typical American comedy so don't expect nothing but a few laughs here and there even though some of the scenes and plot is incredibly stupid.

Worth watching on a weekday or just wait for cable. You are not missing much.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Movie review of Jurassic World

Jurassic World - 8/10
Directed by Colin Trevorrow
Writers:Rick Jaffa,Amanda Silver
Cast: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard,Vincent D'Onofrio

Plot Summary
A new theme park is built on the original site of Jurassic Park. Everything is going well until the park's newest attraction,a genetically modified giant stealth killing machine escapes containment and goes on a killing spree.

I really loved Jurassic park a lot and I have watched it several times. I even enjoyed the other two as well cause the Jurassic movies were really fun to watch. So when I found out that there's going to be a new one called Jurassic World. I was excited and afraid that a new one after so long might just ruin the whole series for me. So I decided to remain skeptical and not have any forms of high hopes for Jurassic World. And when I watched it on 3D and IMAX, I have to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.
At first I wasn't really into the whole "making a new dinosaur" thing but it wasn't too bad. The new "bad guy" Indominus-rex is pretty ruthless and goes on a killing spree. The parts where the fella chases the kids, had me screaming the shit out of the cinema.
I was looking forward to the Velociraptors (aren't they a little smaller than before?) This time they got cool call names and they were the "good guys", well kind of anyway.
Apart from the dinosaurs, the cast was pretty decent. Chris Pratt as the hero, a la Sam Neil kind of character from the first one. Pratt acts as the hero well with humor. Bryce Dallas Howard's character was annoying at first but she kinda grew on me after the first hour. Sadly the most important cast which were the kids did not really live up to my expectations. From the boys' acting to their looks of fear, it didn't really capture the moment how the kids in Jurassic Park did. Especially the eldest kid, he was annoying and a shitty actor. Vincent D'Onofrio was good though I wished he had alittle more screen time.
The effects and animatronics used were awesome. There really was a good mix of both. Editing also was good. I really liked the sound effects and some did scared the shit out of me. I don't really know much of the director's earlier works but this is definitely one of his best.

All in all, I found Jurassic World thoroughly enjoyable and I would definitely get the blu ray for this. And I really liked the fact that Jurassic World paid its due tribute to the one and only Jurassic Park in more ways than one. Kudos for that.

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Masrani: You created a monster!
Henry Wu: Monster is a relative term. To a canary, a cat is a monster. We're just used to being the cat

Claire: So, you can pick up their scent can't you? Track their the foot prints
Owen: I was with the Navy! Not the Navajo!

Owen: Watch your six! Raptors got a new alpha!

Movie review of Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four - 2/10
Directed by Josh Trank
Writers: Jeremy Slater, Simon Kinberg
Cast: Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan

Plot Summary
Four young outsiders teleport to an alternate and dangerous universe which alters their physical form in shocking ways. The four must learn to harness their new abilities and work together to save Earth from a former friend turned enemy.

Never was a fan of The Fantastic Four, be it comics or the earlier movies. Despite reading quite a few bad reviews about the new one, I still decided to go ahead and watch it as I had nothing to do and time to kill. Sadly, most of the bad reviews, I've read about FF are pretty much true. It just goes to show how bad it is, when the director tweets that he had a better vision of the movie just a day before the official release. That's how fucked up it is.
I did enjoy Josh Trank's earlier superhero movie, Chronicle and figured he would be an ideal director to direct a comic book movie, such as Fantastic Four. It is kind of disappointing when you read that Trank's vision for the movie was pretty much fucked by the studio heads.
Casting for the movie is pretty good. Most of them are young and upcoming actors especially Michael B. Jordan whom I remember him fondly in the TV series, The Wire. Good to see him coming up. I will forgive him for saying the most lamest version of "FLAME ON". It is so lame and sad that it shouldn't even be in caps. Script is just god awful and boring. If they can fuck up Human Torch's trademark line, they sure as hell did fuck up The Thing's trademark line as well. "IT'S CLOBBERING TIME" was right at the end and at the most unusual timing as well.(Even that shouldn't be in caps) and why the fuck is The Thing not wearing any pants? I just don't understand that. As it is the poor fella has fucking alien rocks attached on his fucking body and you don't give him anything to wear. It's like making Hulk not wear his purple pants. It's just silly.
I hated the editing of this movie. For a movie that is 100 mins long,you took about 80 mins to introduce your characters and then you cram and rush the rest of the story. That's bad.

Fantastic Four is so bad that the director, Josh Trank said he never wants to direct another comic book movie ever again.
I strongly do not recommend you to watch this movie as well even if you have nothing else to watch. Don't even bother when it is on TV as well.

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