Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Movie Review of Black Panther

Black Panther - 7/10

I'm not a big fan of Black Panther comics and I haven't really read much of his stuff so I wouldn't really know how much the movie has deviated from the comic. So I'm writing my review just as a movie fan's perspective.
I enjoyed Black Panther as a visual treat. It's very obvious there has been a lot of effort and work done. The designs for the city, Wakanda reminds me of futuristic city that is not bleak but happy. I really liked the intricate costume designs for all the tribes. They were made in such a way that you can tell each tribe have their own costumes and colours and they looked beautiful. My personal favs are the tribe with the dude who has a huge coaster like thing on his lower lip and the Jabari Lady warriors.Those ladies are fierce as fuck.
Casting for Black Panther was pretty good as well. The ones that stole the scenes for me were Michael B Jordan as Kilmonger and Danai Gurrira as Okoye. Danai was my fav character, Michone in the TV series, Walking Dead. The reason I say "was" is cos the fucking series which used to be great is boring as fuck now and should be called Sleeping Dead instead. Anyway, Danai's fight choreography was great to watch as well. I remember watching Michael B Jordan as a kid in my fav TV series called The Wire. He has definitely grown up to be a fine actor and I look forward to watching many more of his movies. His only shit movie was the disastrous Fantastic Four remake which was painful to watch. Jordan plays a rather different type of villain in this movie. A bad guy whom the audience can understand and probably relate to due to shit going on in America.
Direction for this movie was pretty good as well. I got to give it to Ryan Coogler. He did an indie flick called Fruitvale Station which was a really good movie. Then he went on to do Creed which I found it to be great as well. Both movies feature Michael B Jordan as well. I will definitely keep an eye out for his future works.

All in all , Black Panther is a fun movie to watch which has a decent story line and script which does make you kind of reflect.Especially that last line of Killmonger. Thought provoking and quote worthy as well. I really liked that line.

Worth watching on a weekend.

PS- There are 2 end credit scenes which aren't really important. You can skip it and find out online later on instead of waiting.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Movie revew of The Cloverfield Paradox

The Cloverfield Paradox - 4.5/10

All I can say The Cloverfield Paradox is that it had an interesting marketing strateg for a lanjiao movie. I still think of all the Clovefield movies so far, Paradox is the worst. The first one was the best and blew my mind.
I just love movies when you have a bunch of people stuck in space and you watch them do some crazy scary shit. It can be alien or any other shit. As long as its in space, in a cool looking ship and some fuck shit is gonna happen. Alien, Event Horizon, Life, Gravity were all great examples of Sci fi Horror movies. The Cloverfield Paradox sadly wont be in that list.
I will say Paradox had a great start, then it got a little bit ridiculous in the middle and downright stupid towards the end.
Half the fuck time, I don't understand what the fuck is going on. You can keep saying the fucking word "Paradox" 5000 times. It still doesn't explain much and it doesn't make the movie look smart either.
There are two things that annoyed the shit out of me in this movie. One was the arm scene. It was a great idea for a scare but the execution and acting fucked it up. and giving it a fucking pen was fucking stupid as well.
Second was this. You have a team of scientists/ astronauts from different countries. You got an English, a Russian, a German, an Italian or French (I can't remember) and a Chinese. When everyone is speaking English, why the fuck must the Chinese be speaking in Mandarin only? So the rest of staff need to learn how to speak Mandarin on top of saving the world? What kind of fucking lanjiao logic is that? Cheebye, you cannot make Zhang Zhiyi speak English ah? Really fucking stupid.
The casting was horrible for this movie. Chris O'Dowd is not right for this movie at all. His reactions were shit. The main actress ho was supposed to be the most level headed character does something dumb towards the end which just makes me question, what the fuck is the writer doing? Wasted lah, this movie had the potential to be great but bad acting and story ruined it.

Don't bother watching The Cloverfield Paradox, it's a waste of time.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Movie review of Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri - 8/10

This is definitely going to be one of my best movies for 2018. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is written and directed by Martin McDonagh. Martin is also known for In Bruges and Seven Psychopaths. Both equally enjoyable movies even though they were not mainstream.

Direction and how this movie was filmed was simple and nothing fantastic. The key ingredient for Martin McDonagh's movies has always been the script and acting. And for Three Billboards, you have that. An absolutely funny script and a fucking solid cast comprising of Frances McDormand, Woody Harrelson and Sam Rockwell. Frances was as her usual stellar self. She has done some fine acting and had some good choices of roles over the years and it sure helps if your husband is Joel Coen. Woody Harrelson is the kind of actor who can do pretty much any fucking role. Hero, psycho, comedy. You name it, Woody can do it. However in Three billboards, as brilliant as he was, Woody was not surprisingly overshadowed by the underrated yet brilliant Sam Rockwell. Every scene Sam Rockwell and Frances McDormand are in a scene, it is fucking funny and brilliant. The chemistry between them is fantastic.

The good thing about these actors is that they really choose their roles and do a fantastic job at it. Sam has done some really good movies and worked with some good upcoming directors. I always remembered him in the Star Trek spoof comedy, The Galaxy Quest. This is one actor whom I follow and I hope to see many more fantastic acting from him.

I highly recommend everyone to watch this movie. Worth watching on a weekend.

Favourite Lines
Mildred Hayes: Hey fuckhead!
Dixon: What?
Desk Sergeant: Don't say what, Dixon. When she comes in calling you a "fuckhead."

Mildred Hayes: So how's it all going in the nigger- torturing business, Dixon?
Dixon: It's 'Persons of color'-torturing business, these days, if you want to know. And I didn't torture nobody.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Movie review of Justice League

Justice League - 5/10

They(Warner Bros) never seem to learn from their mistakes. Its not just only the same problems they had with Batman vs Superman, this time they got a whole new set of problems as well. One thing is for sure, WB just doesn't give a rat's ass about continuity. The number of obvious mistakes between BvS and JL is astounding. here's one. Why the fuck do you need to edit your film to a shorter time and then release the director's cut for. Cutting out at least 40 mins of footage is silly. There are bound to be obvious jump cuts and it disrupts the flow of the movie. There were a few times, I went "What the fuck is going on?" throughout the movie and some questionable scenes that made me go "Did that "really happen or When the fuck did that happen?'

And what's up with the special effects lah? Why the CGI until like that? The CGI villain, Steppenwolf reminded me of Beowulf the animated movie. I have no idea who he is. The only Steppenwolf, I know is the dude who sang, "Born to be wild" and I got that song from a movie with a gorilla who escapes the zoo with a teenager. Go figure.

When everyone had a hard time beating him but Superman comes in and punches the shit out him. Wow. Before I get into Superman, Steppenwolf's story was also explained a little too briefly and the whole thing with the mother boxes is confusing.

Superman. At the end of BvS, there is earth moving on his coffin which would surely mean he is coming back to life cos of the sun and all. But that suddenly changed into putting a mother box into that Luthor's alien ship and bringing him back to life. WHY? And then there was that ridiculous removal of his moustache using CGI which made him look abit like Stan from American Dad.

Batman. I felt Affleck did a decent job portraying as Batman in BvS. His Batman voice was more audible instead of Bale's death metal growl. Bruce Wayne was supposed to be old in this. Perhaps they should have made Affleck a little more older which would have been cooler. I also liked the fact that Danny Elfman did a little tribute by putting the old Batman theme and Superman theme in the music subtly.

Wonderwoman. Gal Gadot was good. Her stand alone movie was fantastic and her theme song kicked ass. This I'm not too sure but the sword she wields... wasn't that destroyed earlier?

Cyborg. I don't really know much about the comic character nor the actor, Ray Fisher but I would say he did a pretty decent job. What I loved more was his father who had an awesome death scene in Terminator 2(Dr. Miles Dyson). There was a scene where a bad guy(I can't remember what the fuck they were called) creeps up behind him and that really reminded me of T2.

Flash. His suit looked like a skinnier and white version of Shaquille O'Neal's superhero movie, Steel. But he is still way more better and funnier than the TV series Flash. That fucker was annoying and whiny.

Aquaman. Jason Momoa. That is one hot, good looking Hawaiian. Even though in some scenes he was confused as I was and I couldn't really hear what the fuck he was talking about. He may have totally fucked up the remake of Conan but I will still look forward to his stand alone movie.

All in all, Justice League was abit of a letdown due to horrible CGI and shit editing. I suggest just wait for the director's cut and watch it on a weekday. Not worth the weekend price ticket.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Movie review of The Hitman's Bodyguard

The Hitman's Bodyguard - 5.5/10
If you feel like watching a movie without over thinking or you don't want to concentrate on the script and acting and what not. Plus if you are a fan of Samuel L Jackson's movies, then this movie is for you.
Mindless entertainment. Good action sequences and fight choreography. And shit loads of vulgarity.

The cast is pretty good. You got Ryan Reynolds and Sam Jackson doing the buddy thing. They got chemistry and there are some damn funny scenes and lines between them. Reynolds has that exasperated look which serves him well when he is against the always angry Jackson. Gary Oldman is always solid as a bad guy even though he had some weird make up on(which was fine until the close ups). I wished Salma Hayek had more scenes though. That beautiful woman is still smoking hot and  doesn't seem to age one bit. Elodie Yung wasn't good. Electra can't seem to act and appears stiff at times.

The plot is absolute shit and the script is pretty much a "best of Samuel L Jackson's classic one liners". You can spot lines from Die Hard 3 to Pulp Fiction. And the way the word "Motherfucker" rolls out of Sam Jackson's tongue, it's just too cool yet you can feel the hate. And I love saying "Motherfucker" in Sam Jackson's style.

If you can get pass the ridiculous story line, you will enjoy the Hitman's Bodyguard. Just watch it n a weekday.